Non-Slip Safety Solutions - The Fastest & Most Economical Approach To Slip & Fall Prevention
4 Year Guaranteed Warranty

Non-Slip Safety Solutions complies with all government and industrial safety standards to dramatically improve the safety of all areas treated. It is 100% reliable, and has a
4 year written guarantee!


Non-Slip Safety Solutions provides clients with a comprehensive floor safety program through our network of trained professional application specialists who will provide a solid foundation for slip/fall prevention by:


• Increasing the Co-efficient of Friction (C.O.F.) of the floor surface to a safety compliance that exceeds the minimum value of 0.50.

• Recording the (C.O.F.) conditions of the surface treated before, during and after application, using an American Slip Meter (Model A.S.M. 825 static co-efficient of friction test meter).

• Providing documentation to demonstrate that a proper degree of due diligence has been initiated by you, the client, indicating your commitment to slip and fall prevention.

• Providing a recommended daily maintenance program to assist in maintaining the C.O.F. and sustaining the safety benchmark achieved through our Slip Resistive Treatment.


Non-Slip Safety Solutions provides a highly remarkable Slip Resistant Floor Safety Treatment, creating a clean, safe, slip resistant environment in which to work and shop in. Our Slip-Resistive Sealer is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as safe to use in and around food processing areas. We use a highly controlled application process that not only dramatically increases the co-efficient of friction (C.O.F.) on hard mineral surfaces and porcelain bathtubs, it also cleans and disinfects the areas of treatment.


Non-Slip Safety Solutions is committed to safety. Our trained floor safety technicians have treated hundreds of thousands of square feet in the following areas:

• Hotel Chains and Restaurant Chains

• Commercial Food Preparation Areas / Cafeterias

• Public Restrooms and Shower Areas

• Pool Areas / Spas / Health Clubs / Community Centres

• Shopping Malls / Entrance Ways / Walkways

• Schools / Hospitals / Senior Homes

• Government Buildings

• Police and Fire Stations

• Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floors

• Residential Kitchens / Bathrooms / Porcelain Bathtubs

Effective on bathtubs and porcelain surfaces
Effective on flooring and tile surfaces
Effective on concrete surfaces
Effective on granite surfaces
Effective on marble surfaces
Effective on terrazzo surfaces

Tiled Surfaces

Concrete Surfaces

Granite Surfaces

Marble Surfaces

Terrazzo Surfaces

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