Rapid All - All natural, biodegradable, pH neutral cleaner

All Natural, All-In-One Microbial Cleaner

Rapid All is an all natural, biodegradable, pH neutral cleaner, containing naturally occurring microbes that remediate oil, grease and organic matter that will safely clean surfaces and deeply embedded dirt.


For specialized cleaning and degreasing of all surfaces including floors, concrete, brick, all types of metal, walls and counter tops. This aggressive cleaner/degreaser quickly penetrates through tough grease and grime.

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Rapid All - 680 Gram Container


• WHMIS and OSHA exempt

• Non-irritating to the skin, hypoallergenic and leaves skin soft and moist

• Completely biodegradable, non-toxic, pH neutral and VOC free

• Reduces slippery floor conditions - non-slip "even when surface is wet"

• Will not harm humans, animals or the environment



• Replaces virtually all chemical cleaners including acids and other harsh chemicals

• Train staff faster and easier with one product and eliminate mixing of different chemicals

• Eliminate unwanted odors - no need for scented deodorizers

• Use on virtually ANY surface (natural stone, vinyl, wood, porcelain, linoleum, rubber, plastic,

ceramic, concrete, leather, copper, brass, chrome, stainless steel, Thermofoil, etc.)

• Spot clean stains on virtually any type of soiled surfaces

• Simultaneously cleans floors, grout lines, with no “smelly mop floor” syndrome

• Manual or machine floor cleaning - Rapid All™ is non-foaming, non-abrasive, quick drying, rinse free and leaves no residue



• Save valuable storage space by eliminating multiple products

• Save time and money with only one product to inventory, track, negotiate and reorder

• Reduce utility costs (fuel or electricity) - hot water isn’t necessary, use cool tap water

• Reduce and better control labor costs:

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• No rinsing required

• Will not harm finished floors and reduces the frequency to refinish floor surfaces

• Eliminate odors and clean grout lines simultaneously on and below the surface,

and will continue working even after the surface is has been cleaned

• Maintain equipment  in a clean, fresh and good mechanical working order

• Increase employee moral by using a product that is harmless to the body, simple and easy to use

Brick Surfaces



Concrete Surfaces



Floor Surfaces



Metal Surfaces



Table & Counter Surfaces



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Rapid-All is deal for:

• Floor Mopping

• Machine Scrubbing

• Hard Surfaces (glass, tile, walls, finished wood)

• Soft Surfaces (vinyl, leather, fabric)

• Odor Elimination

• Commercial Kitchen (grease, grime, stainless steel)

• Washroom Facilities

• Metal (copper, brass, chrome)


Why Rapid-All does it better:

• 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment

• Ensures a smoothly operating system without chemicals

• Powerful enough to break down the toughest compounds

• A cost-effective, totally organic solution

• Microorganisms keep on working long after application

• 100% Green, Organic, Septic System Treatment

• Patented Technology

• HAZMAT, OSHA, WHMIS exempt, CFIA approved

• 100% made from renewable resources.

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